Sequester – BAD idea
September 10, 2012, 9:01 am
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I’m glad that Romney has come out and stated the obvious, this sequester nonsense was one of the worst ideas that our RINO leadership and the Dems came up with. It steals from the men and women who deserve much better than a bunch of panty waist RINO’s in congress. I was hoping that McConnell would be gone but of course that won’t happen, but we can still get him out of the leadership by electing some real conservatives to the Senate. It hurts me every time I see the House of Representatives pass a bill that is pro jobs, only to see it blocked in the Senate. The Chicken Democrats and the RINO Republicans are just interested in electing themselves to more terms, and Obama to another 4 years so they can destroy what is left of our Republic. Of course if we keep control of the House of Representatives I hope we add some more good conservatives there so we can move crying Boehner out of the leadership. He and Cantor have made too many deals with the Senate Leadership.

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