Get the UN to protect Bethlehem?
June 27, 2012, 2:54 pm
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The Palestinian Authority is now asking the U.N. Heritage Committee to declare, on an emergency basis, that the Church of the Nativity and the surrounding area, as a World Heritage Site in Danger. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/us-opposes-palestinians-urgent-bid-have-church-nativity-listed-world-heritage-site this is interesting, since the Muslim faith declares that Christians are to be destroyed for saying that Jesus is the Son of God, when they see him as just a prophet. Why would they want to “protect” the Church of the Natitivity? They claim it is because the Jews are attacking the city of Bethlehem and trying to destroy the church, since they hate Christians.

Even it that was true, the Church is under no threat of destruction, although I note that it is in Muslim territory and Churches all across the middle east are being destroyed by Muslim extremists, not by Israelis. Christians are killed and tortured in Muslim countries, and Hamas has threatened to destroy Israel, as has Iran. So, hello, what the hey, these people just want to harrass Christians and Jews, there is no good reason to declare the Church of the Nativity as a World Historic Site, unless of course they also want to declare the Jewish Temple which they destroyed to build their Mosque over, as an world historic site too. Oh, but they don’t recognize the right of the Jewish people to have even an existence much less their temple.

I trust that the committee will deny this request as it is totally bogus and another way of the Islamists to cause problems for the rest of the Middle East.

What do you think of this?

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