CNG H.R. 1712
May 8, 2012, 10:42 am
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Compressed Natural Gas, $1.50 a gallon as opposed to $4.00 a gallon for gasoline, why is it not available today for consumption, retail sales points. Well there is legislation, by a Republican in the House Rep. William Cassidy (R-LA), if we truly want to get away from “fossil fuel” such as oil, here is a clean burning alternative. We have at least 100 years of supply in the ground in the USA. The legislation is quite simple it will allow small companies like Chesapeake, or Apache to not only bring the CNG out of the ground, but also allow them to sell at retail. NO GOV. MONEY! No subsidies, no government intrusion into the type of car, or the location of the fueling station, just a straight forward piece of legislation that says, the company that pulls it from the ground, “independent company” can also sell as much as they want.

Current legislation says that independents cannot sell more that 5 million dollars a year at retail, why? I thought the Democrats were all for the little guy, but, it sure seems they put a mess of regulation in their way. We have already seen what this adminstration thinks about jobs, NO KEYSTONE PIPELINE never mind that it might produce 100,000 jobs, but it might not do so for a few years while it is being built. Besides the environmentalists don’t want it, so the democrats don’t want it either. They might lose votes (money) in their re-election campaigns.

It is high time we got rid of these obstructionists in the Senate and the White House, and put some folks in that might just move the country forward on a sustainable track. A track that will allow for a true “all of the above” energy policy, instead of the picking of winners and losers depending on who will pay the most into the coffers of career politicians. So, here is one thing we can support now, contact your Senators, your congressperson and get them to support this legislation, lets get this ball rolling so we can have an alternative energy source for our vehicles, and jobs for people to build these refueling stations as well as sell the product. That is something worth doing and doing now!

If you agree with getting this done, then act today, get the congress and senate to do the right thing. If you disagree you can always write a comment and we can have a discussion.

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