In the Breaking of the Bread
April 22, 2012, 9:11 pm
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In the gospel of Luke the 24th Chapter beginning in verse 13, two of the disciples had left Jerusalem and were traveling to a small town about 7 miles from there called Emmaus. As they walked they spoke with each other about what had happened to Jesus. I imagine they were in a bit of shock, and mourning the loss of their dear friend and mentor. Also they had thought that the Messiah would be a warrior and would defeat the Romans and set Israel up as the center of the world.

A man joins them on the way, and acts like he has no clue about what had happened, they proceed to tell him as they walk along. Then he tells them what the scriptures say about the Messiah and that what happened was foretold. When they get to Emmaus, they invite the man to eat with them, and, as they are eating the stranger takes the bread and breaks it. Immediately, they recognize Jesus.

In 1989 I went on a Walk to Emmaus weekend, I was pastoring a small church at the time, and went on this weekend because some friends wanted me to, I didn’t really expect much to come of it but I went anyway. It was a life changing experience, I learned what this Jesus thing was really all about. More importantly, I began to understand better the working of the Holy Spirit in my life. Gifts and graces are a part of all believers, they are a gift of God. Of course we also had the scriptures opened to us on that weekend and as a Pastor, I learned a lot on that weekend that had not been taught at seminary.

I also came to understand the walk in the context of Cleopas and his fellow disciple as they recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread. We worshipped and broke bread (holy communion) many times on that weekend. As we did so the reality of that service of remembrance called Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, Eucharist, and we came to understand that although it is bread and wine (grape juice), the Lord is present with us. I know that Christ is with me as I walk on this journey, through life and on into eternity. It is my prayer that like me, you too experience the presence of Christ with you.

I hope you will read this story again in Luke 24:13-35, learn of the journey, the short one in this story and the life journey in the scriptures. If you don’t know Christ, take the time to meet him, you might just have a life changing experience also. If you do know him have you recognized him in the Breaking of the Bread?

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