Insults to Christians
April 17, 2012, 10:08 pm
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http://newsbusters.org/blogs/josh-st-louis/2012/04/17/jon-stewart-desecrates-nativity-scene-make-jab-fox-news of course this is also an insult to women as well as anyone with a set of moral values. Stewart really reached deep into the mud for this one. The politics of political assassination are not new, but they are becoming more bitter with each passing day. Between the commercials that say the Republicans want to shove grandma off a cliff, to the unions trying to destroy the Governor of Wisconsin, because they had ideas that they thought would save Medicare and the Wisconsin State budget. The horror of  a Senate that seems to want to do nothing except wait for the next election, a house that passes bill after bill to try to bring jobs to people, to a President who refuses to allow drilling for oil and gas off the coast, or on Federal lands.

From a political operative who attacks Ann Romney, and who has visited the White House 35 times, while General Petraeus has only seen the President 3 times since he became director of the CIA, to Bill Maher who insults women with impunity, is there a war? Yes, it is a political war and these people are really good at and of course they will stoop to any level of dirt to destroy the enemy. I for one am really tired of it, I see once again the use of a Christian symbol, the Nativity, to make a political point and to blame Fox News and the Republican party for not seeing that there is a war on women and not willing to admit it.

I do see a war on women, the people who insist that it is perfectly wonderful for a 12 year old to have an abortion without their parents permission, who want me to pay for abortions and contraceptives so they can continue having sex any time they want. The people who insist that men and women should be able to do what they want anywhere and anytime they want. I look at the history of so many nations and I see that as they moved down this road of licentiousness, they also became coarser as a society. You read the history of Greece, Rome and others and you see that sexual mores became looser and looser, you find that children were not safe from adults, that even bestiality was not forbidden. It also led to an elite that thought anything was OK for them and that the lesser people were there to serve them. We see that there were bread lines and of course the games where they could watch gladiators kill or at least maim each other, later they watched as Christian men and women were torn apart by wild animals and gladiators. Nero even used Christians as human torches in his gardens, not a pretty picture.

So here we are today, Christianity is attacked and ridiculed daily. Women who have been celebrating their emancipation, who work and play hard like men, and who ridicule those women who have decided to raise children and take care of the home. Sex is just a game that people play, they move in and out of relationships not caring about the carnage they leave behind. Alcohol and drugs are a part of life for many of these people. History is repeating itself for us today. People left Europe to settle this country, for religious freedom. They established a nation against huge odds, but the British were so sure of their superiority they did not even think that perhaps they were overconfident, which they were and they lost. Of course that too had to do with a nation that had moved down the road toward decadence.

The Constitution of this nation gave every citizen freedom to go at life in a manner that was expected to be moral, that expected that all persons would look out for their neighbors, we became a great nation and a nation of moral people who recognized that they were blessed by God, the founders were all believers and saw nothing wrong with practicing their beliefs openly. Yes we had our problems, but in the great scheme of things we moved through those problems, made our nation much better. We still faced problems, but today instead of those problems being worked through, there is a race problem building in this nation. It should not be, yet I see men who call themselves pastors, using terrible invective against the white folks and I see men and women who claim to be representatives of all the people in their districts using the same invective against white and oriental persons.

We all live in the same towns together, yet there is hatred that should not exist raising its ugly head. We also have religious hatreds in a nation that was formed with the idea of religious freedom. I have seen the beginning of that rearing its ugly head when radical muslims want to kill their own brothers and sisters who are not of their sect, and of course whites and blacks and any one else who is not like them. There is however also a hatred for the Mormons that is really disconcerting. Folks if we don’t begin to move back from the invective, if we continue to allow hatred to lead us, there will be a terrible time to come in our nation. I see another civil war, but it will be much worse than what we fought in the 1860’s. It is a frightening thought, and I know that God has a better thing than this for our nation. As Reagan said, we should be the shining city on a hill, I am afraid that we are getting ready to visit a conflagration upon this city on the hill from which our nation may not recover. I pray I am wrong and that we will step back from the precipice.

What do y’all think, are going to move away from the conflagration and move forward into the future a better people, or are we doomed to destroy ourselves, repeating history again?

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