Republican Presidential Candidates
February 27, 2012, 6:37 pm
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There is much rhetoric out there about each of the candidates including that this or that one is weak and can never be President. I also have heard how none of them has a real plan about moving us forward fiscally. I did hear the president say that the plan that they have for energy is to drill now, drill now and drill now, and how that will not work.

I have spent some time looking at the sites that each of these candidates have up and I see that each of them has plans in place, some well fleshed out and some not so well. I had a tough time finding any coherent plan on Rick Santorum’s site but both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have pretty well laid out plans for what they want to accomplish. Mitt Romney has a tax plan that is well laid out and you can see it here: http://mittromney.com/issues/tax#content-content I am not sure that I agree with him on it but at least it is clear and concise. Newt Gingrich also has a pretty well thought out plan, and I have to admit I lean toward his plan as it seems to me to level the playing field a bit more, you can see it here: http://www.newt.org/solutions/jobs-economy/ I think it is time that we the people begin to seriously look at what our candidates are talking about and what the media refuses to say. By the way, you can find Rick Santorum at: http://www.ricksantorum.com/index.php and for those who want to know what Ron Paul stands for, hint: he is a Libertarian: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/ Mr. Paul says he wants the income tax rate to be zero, that will make it very hard to have any government, much less a Constitutional Republic.

Tomorrow there will be primaries in Arizona and Michigan, Arizona Governor Ms. Brewer has endorsed Romney, and of course Michigan is Romney country since he grew up there and his Dad was governor. I have to admit that I am really tired of all the rhetoric, especially Romney trashing both Newt and Rick Santorum. Romney himself stood for many of the things that he now trashes them for, and of course they also have in the past done the same with things that they trash him for. I do hope that these candidates will stop trying to destroy each other, and begin to focus on the target for November which is of course Barack Obama. We the people need to know just what it is that these guys all stand for in relation to what will change in 2013 if they are elected. Take a look at their websites and make an informed decision.



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