Greetings y’all
February 27, 2012, 4:43 pm
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I have decided to begin this blog simply because like many others I am tired of all the yelling and lying in the political arena as well as in the world around us. I am just a person, nothing special about me, but, I must admit that I do remember a much simpler world than the one we live in now.

I truly love my ability to communicate, and to carry on conversation with people through the internet. I have worked with computers since the 1970’s, started out with a build it yourself kit from Sinclair. Chicklet keyboard and all of 8 k of memory, but it worked and I loved it. Have built many others since, and was a COBOL programmer as well in the 1980’s. Now I just build websites and that is enough fun for me.

I have 12 years of military experience in the US Army, and 20 years of Church work behind me, as well as working on Wall St. and driving cabs. I was even a pizza chef and a Breakfast and Lunch cook at a restaurant for a while. Very diverse background, grew up in an integrated neighborhood, and was appalled at the problems I found when I got out into the real world. Racism was a reality in the 60’s and 70’s, and even in the 90’s. Shocked me and hurt my soul to see it. It is an ignorant way to live, hating others because they are different. I know that we are living in a world that is dangerous, that there are people out there who hate who we are and want to kill us and destroy our way of life, but that does not mean that all of those folks from that part of the world are a part of that hatred. We all live on a small globe, in the overall scheme of things, this planet is quite small and insignificant when you consider the cosmos and it’s immense size and beauty. It would be nice if we could learn to live as neighbors rather than as enemies. Jesus said it in his teaching: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” If we would try living in that way, we would not be hurting each other, we would be helping each other to live well and to prosper.

Well, I have rambled enough for now, I hope you will read my stuff and maybe even find some words of wisdom in it all. For now, may you have a wonderful and blessed day.


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