Islamic State takes Libyan city; Washington Times
November 19, 2014, 8:48 am
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Well it is nice (sarcasm) to see that the JV team has been able to make a small gain outside of its locality. They now are beginning to control Eastern Libya. We will probably begin to hear of more beheadings in this place as they solidify their power in Libya.

When is our government going to wake up and realize that this is not a JV team, it is a real threat to the Middle East and to us as well. It is believed that there are now at least 150 U.S. citizens fighting as a part of the ISIS in Syria/Iraq and that number will probably grow as time goes on. When will we see that Jihad is a real and present danger to our world?

People are being murdered by these people, and we are doing NOTHING to stop this slaughter. WAKE UP AMERICA.
Especially Wake up Congress do something before this administration completely destroys our nation!!!!!!

Islamic State takes Libyan city; 100K under terror group's control as chaos spreads – Washington Times.

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ISIS threat: It’s time to fully back the Kurds | Fox News
November 18, 2014, 12:24 pm
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Our feckless government is still leaving the Kurdish Peshmerga out to dry. It is time to stop being foolish about the Middle East and begin to support those who are real allies. Not only Israel, but also the Kurds, those who are actually fighting ISIS, who need better weapons and equipment. Stop worrying about the idiots in Baghdad and begin to support the Kurds directly.

We need to stop messing around, and get real about who is on our side and who is against us, that includes Turkey who wants to return to the Caliphate, only they want the Caliph to be theirs. They don’t give a fig for us, but they will let us take on the heavy work while they sit back and wait. Notice they are not helping the Kurds either. Instead they are hoping that ISIS will wipe them out.

Check out the opinion piece below for more information.

ISIS threat: It's time to fully back the Kurds | Fox News.

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Do You Know what your children are learning in school?
November 17, 2014, 11:46 am
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It is interesting to me that we are not allowed to teach or even discuss Christian belief in our schools, but many schools are forcing our children to learn Islam. I thought that we had freedom of religion in this nation, and freedom to speak as well, but it seems we can only know about Islam and what a wonderful religion it is from the curriculum being taught in many schools across our nation. One parent found out that her daughters Social Studies class book for the 7th grade taught Islam, one full chapter in the book was devoted to Islam, it even goes on to say that “Muhammad revealed the purest version of God’s truth” and that Muhammad is the final prophet of God’s truth with the most complete version of that truth.

We are not allowed to teach the 10 commandments in our schools, but, they are teaching the 5 pillars of Islam through this social studies curriculum. Now it seems to me that it is good to know about other people, and even the religion that they practice, however, if we are going to teach one then we must teach all. We cannot exclude all religions and then teach Islam as the one true religion. Children are learning and reciting the Muslim declaration of faith, they are being taught and are actually practicing the tenets of this faith in public school. They are also being taught that Sharia is a good law, that Jihad is a worthy endeavor and that Islam has given much to the world.

I myself am a Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, and that it is wrong to teach children in our schools that Islam is the only true religion while Christianity is being ridiculed, that Jesus is shown as just a prophet and nothing more, which happens to be the Muslim belief. Now I do not suggest that it is wrong to teach our children about one religion and not about all other religions in the world.

So, do you know what is being taught in your schools? If you have children in your school district, it behooves you to learn what is being taught to those kids. We already have young girls and boys who want to join ISIS and fight the holy war with them, do you want your children to be the next jihad volunteers? Wake up America, we are teaching our children to hate us because we are not muslims. Wake up before our children become soldiers of Allah.

You can read more on this issue at: http://www.prophecyewswatch.com/2014/November17/175.htm

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Unreal: SWAT Invades Home of Elderly Woman
November 10, 2014, 11:56 am
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Here is another example of our militarized cops, attacking the wrong house because they don’t bother to do due diligence, they just bust open the glass front door and then place both a young child and an old woman in handcuffs. Then laugh about hitting the wrong place. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!!!
People are being injured and killed because of this stupidity! Cops are no longer protect and defend they are shoot first and ask questions later. This government is putting people in jeopardy all across this country. Of course the City that sent them and the state will do nothing to make this right, the woman will have to fix the house and they will not pay one dime to help.

Unreal: SWAT Invades Home of Elderly Woman.

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Where is the media on the Attkisson story? – Washington Times
October 29, 2014, 12:59 pm
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The first amendment “freedom of the press” is being squelched by this government, reporters they don’t like are investigated, and threatened if they don’t quit. Here is one story but there is also Fox News reporter James Rosen and of course the AP which had their phone lines tapped and computers hacked.
JUDSON PHILLIPS: Where is the media on the Attkisson story? – Washington Times. We really need to replace this entire government, and get rid of the NSA, and other agencies who have far overstepped their bounds. The Patriot Act is also got to be resecinded, it too allows for the government to spy on americans, lock them up with out recourse to Habeas Corpus or even a lawyer to help them out of the mess.
If you have not voted DO SO. If you don’t know what I am talking about, WAKE UP the IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY is destroying our freedoms.

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TAMMY BRUCE: Democrats’ phony ‘GOP war on women’ dredges up the ’60s – Washington Times
October 27, 2014, 8:58 am
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It does seem like we have returned to the turbulent times of the 1960’s. I find myself beginning to see that democrats will do anything they can to win elections. They want to keep their power at any cost, including the truth.

TAMMY BRUCE: Democrats' phony 'GOP war on women' dredges up the ’60s – Washington Times.

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Persecution – has arrived Government sides with Satan
October 22, 2014, 7:54 am
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In Idaho, two pastors have been threatened with jail time and fines for refusing to marry a same-sex couple, in Houston the City Council has subpoenaed communications of pastors in regard to homosexuality. It seems that we are living in a new era, the era of Government disregarding the Constitution to further their own agenda. At Christmas time in this nation, we now find that we cannot celebrate the birth of Christ unless we also celebrate the belief of Atheists, Pagans and others who are enemies of God. Of course this began many years ago, with schools forbidding teacher and students from prayer, and then from having Bibles with them. Then the attacks against Christians for opposing abortion and homosexuality. All the while in the name of “Separation of Church and State” a single sentence in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a Baptist group in New England.

Now we also find that the military has instituted “Holy Places” for Pagan rituals to be performed on military bases, at the same time that they refuse Chaplains to mention Jesus Christ at funerals. The Air Force academy now removes so help me God from the oath that cadets make when they swear to defend the constitution and the country. Of course the Federal Government has also told them to accept homosexual soldiers and recognize those who claim to be married so that they will not feel persecuted. It amazes me that it is acceptable for Muslims to be violently and openly against this particular sin of homosexuality, note that in Muslim nations it is punishable by death, yet when we as Christians stand upon the Word of God it is a criminal offense.

We Christians have for way too long been silent, trying to get along in a society that is increasingly hostile toward us. As people who believe that God is alive and well, that Jesus Christ is the Savior and that holiness is a good thing, we must stand up for our beliefs. Like the woman sentenced to death in Pakistan because she is a Christian and a mother of 5 children. She made the mistake of drinking from the same bowl as a Muslim, and they claim that she insulted Mohammad and must therefore die. She will be killed for her faith. Yet if we continue to just get along and not ruffle feathers we too will find ourselves in that same place. Persecution does not go away, it will continue to get worse, and Christians will be thrown in jail and killed in this country for our beliefs, yet we must stand in the gap, we must stand for Christ. There are too many souls in the United States that are going to hell if we do not confess Jesus Christ as Lord. We are the witnesses, just as the first believers over 2000 years ago, changed their world even though they were killed for their faith. We must call sin what it is, we also must act as Christ acted, love the sinner, hate the sin, for it is the sin that sends them to hell for eternity.

The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Church in Rome said this: “The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” He did not qualify that statement by naming the sin because all sin is punishable by eternal damnation, stealing a box of paper clips, or sexual sin, murder or telling lies about another.

Yet in the world of today, Adultery is celebrated, theft from your boss is OK, lying is acceptable especially in political campaigns and murder is also acceptable, as long as it is a baby that is not wanted. It is time to stand up and be counted or walk away from God and join those who hate God. There is no middle ground, the only thing in the middle of the road is road kill. If you claim to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, stand up, speak up and do not be afraid. Join me and thousands of others in fighting back against the hatred of God that has become a part of our society. Don’t sing “God Bless America” He cannot bless that which is full of sin and degradation. First confess your sin, and ask forgiveness, then work to change this nation back to one that follows God. Let us all pray for and work for a third Great Awakening.

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